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With Love To Our Friends With Cancer

This year we found increasingly that an overwhelming number of our friends, as well as new people we meet in our age group, have recently been diagnosed with cancer, or have been battling this condition for several years. Here is the best I know of, to help anyone who is willing to take a fresh look at the way they eat, and live their lives. I thought I'd create this post for our friends all over the world, as well as all my readers, so I can send them here, instead of talking their head off when they suddenly tell me they have cancer.

I studied with a humble Japanese man called Michio Kushi, his wife and his associates for several years at the Kushi Institute in Boston and in Beckett, Massachusetts, during the late 1980s until I was able to teach and give consultations myself. I have personally seen many people healed from cancer and other serious ailments, including Dr Sattilaro and other physicians who started to come to our classes and lived to tell about it. Many of the people who showed up at the Kushi Institute came with severe and stubborn cases medicine had given up on. I worked on many people's medical files directly and was able to gain deep insight into their conditions and their recoveries.

To confuse everyone - an argument against Macrobiotics you may hear  - Michio's daughter died of cancer at a young age, his wife died of it in her seventies, and he himself had to have an intestinal tumor removed in his eighties. The Kushies blame this on sugar and junk food they sometimes have just as much trouble staying away from as all of us, especially when maintaining busy and too stressful business lives and traveling schedules. Macrobiotic teachers, just like medical doctors and nurses, get sick, too, just like all of us, and for the same reasons. 

Nonetheless, Macrobiotics has a wonderful success rate.  Even though not a 100% cure-all, many conventional drugs or cancer treatments fail too many people too often which is why so many seek alternative and more natural healing methods. Below, a video of a recent, study on prostate cancer and macrobiotics.

If you have cancer, go to the 2010 Summer Conference in July and immerse yourself. Learn about this approach. Make new friends. You will find it more than inspiring and encouraging, not just in terms of healing disease but in terms of enjoyment, celebration, and appreciation of life.

This is a video with clips from a former conference. I know many of the teachers and some of the patients in this video and can personally vouch for the truth of what they are saying.

This is a written version of Michio Kushi's testimony before Congress. This page lives on a website with more information.

Macrobiotics on the News - Cancer Study:

To get started with cooking... here is a link to Eden Foods, a good mail order source if you don't have a Whole Foods or other natural health food store near by...and a few videos:
( this is a young and relatively inexperienced cooking instructor, but the best I could find on YouTube today. I will update these videos as I find better ones )

Principles of Macrobiotic Cooking

Miso Soup

About Brown Rice

And how to cook it...

This video is a tribute to my old cooking teacher. Aveline Kushi taught us that cooking was, above all, meditation and an exercise in grace. Then we talked about the energy you put into the food while cooking, today we have Dr Emoto Masuro's experiments to shed some light on the wisdom of that idea. Not too long ago women timed their cooking with various short or long prayers. 

My fondest memory of Aveline is her dancing like a little girl, swirling her skirt, with my two young daughters at the 1989 summer conference while I was taking care of my baby. She was so graceful and taught me so much. In this video are several famous patients and friends of Macrobiotics. Michio taught us to chew our food at least a hundred times (when sick, 50 times when healthy), at which point my then eleven year old son chewed a mouthful of rice a thousand times! Talk about meditation! I think he became enlightened right then and there.

There are 192 Macrobiotic books on Amazon, so here are the most fundamental ones to get started with:

The Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking" by Aveline Kushi.

This next book discusses many forms of cancer and how to adjust one's diet according to one's condition. It is also the best preventive medicine cookbook when aches and pains and pre-cancerous conditions are developing.

Macrobiotics is not just a diet. It is a way of life based on ancient teachings regarding the balancing of life, and has at its goal our fulfillment as human beings. More of these overarching teachings are in this fundamental book about Macrobiotics.

And for great encouragement, Dr Sattilaro's book "Recalled By Life" of curing his prostate and bone cancer with Macrobiotics. I remember him studying at the Kushi Institute. This was a highly regarded physician who had the wisdom and humility to "check out macrobiotics" after two hitchhikers he had picked up laughed at him when he told them he had just been diagnosed with incurable cancer. They told him to start eating brown rice, beans, vegetables and oatmeal and go study at the Kushi Institute, which he did, to far outlive his cancer diagnosis.

Another exellent book on cancer by a physician who healed himself by researching the latest nutrition studies, that confirm many macrobiotic teachings.

There is so much more you will learn once you look beyond medicine. But, don't throw out the baby with the bath water. Medicine has much to offer, so do discuss all this with your doctor. Doctors have saved my own life five times, one of my children's once. Macrobiotics has saved one of my children's lives once, and my life as a whole has bees so very much richer.

I remember how overwhelmed I was by all the new information when I first learned about Macrobiotics in order to heal my stubborn allergies and my husband's severe acid stomach. Having a consultation with a macrobiotic counselor, taking  a cooking class, or attending a summer conference are the best ways to get started. If you are low on cash - today there is the Internet and YouTube where all these teachings are available.

For those who can afford a highly luxurious way to immerse themselves into Macrobiotics here is a wonderful clinic.  This Spanish Clinic that a wealthy Spanish family, deeply grateful to Macrobiotics, built, is called "SHA". Here Macrobiotics is combined with medical oversight and treatments. "Maybe, just what the doctor ordered".

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