Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mommy Blogs

Something we never had - back then - when we were "alone" at home with our kids and our laundry all day- were "Mommy Blogs". My daughter-in-law, on the other hand, while at home all day, tending with utmost devotion to her child (my wonderful, super cute, and super smart grandson) - can, whenever she wants to, converse with other adults any time of day without having to change out of her Mommy clothes, or leaving the house - about her favorite subject, no less - the whole Mommy thing - or any other subject she is interested in. For me "back then", there was only Phil Donahue, who never asked me once what I thought.

So, in the spirit of supporting this whole thing called Mommy Blogging, I will - whenever I come across a good Mommy Blog, provide the links here. The worst feeling when living as a stay-at-home Mom is the feeling of being cut off from the adult world most of the day, especially the adults who inspire us, who we used to work or study with. All this contact is available now to the Mom at home. And "the Mom at home" is the baby's greatest joy.

I'll search to see whether I can find Daddy Blogs, too. Maybe even Grandma, Grandpa, or Nanny Blogs. After all, it is not just Mom's doing this great work of raising children.

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