Saturday, January 12, 2008


Joy is a little girl I met in the Los Angeles airport the other day. She was on her way to Dallas and we were all stuck waiting for delayed flights. Since I never go anywhere without copies of Here You Are in my bag, I had just the solution to make her wait a little more fun.

Her parents asked me to autograph the book, which I did while she was watching. She then asked for the pen to offer her own autograph since she had just learned to write her name. I was quick enough to whip out my little notebook and asked her to sign her name in there instead. I now have the most artistic little, curly "Joy" signature in my notebook from a child I may never see again in my life. It is a little treasure and very pretty the way she did it. I will post it as soon as I learn how to post pictures and scans on my blog.

Her name fit her. Joy comes from giving, and she was determined to give something in return. Even though she may just have been wanting to show off her newly learned writing skill- a child's heart is so pure it is always a gift.

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