Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Global Neighbourhoods

Global Neighbourhoods - an insightful tech world blog written by Shel Israel - recently mentioned Here You Are. I love Shel's passionate and humorous writing style and I love what he wrote about Here You Are.

Shel, and his friend Robert Scoble wrote the book on blogging for the business world (Naked Conversations). He took the time to explain blogging to me as a worthwhile thing to do for my readers long before Here You Are was published. Blogging intrigued me as this new form of human interaction, or non-interaction if you will. Such a strange and fun way to write. Talking to yourself and your imagined audience until - well, someday, there actually IS an audience. It's almost like talking to God - until one day, he'll talk to you. For me these days this is mostly a deep, and a communing kind of silence. Ultimately, and truthfully, there is nothing much to say. As a matter of fact, looking around at the glory and the gore - we should find ourselves speechless.

But, a woman is never really, permanently speechless - so, posting here will continue! In the beginning was the word - and the words just never stopped. But to find God we need to go to "before the beginning". That is a very cool place! No Place! (There must be a few Buddhists out there smiling now)

Back to Earth - Here is Shel's post, and if you are interested in high-tech inside information, this is a great blog to check frequently.
Here you can also order Shel's book Naked Conversations.

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