Monday, May 14, 2007

Website and Blog Instructions

There are several ways in which you can communicate with BoathouseBooks, Mayke Beckmann Briggs, and the general public visiting either the Blog or Website.

This is how you become part of the "Here You Are" community:

If you need to contact BoathouseBooks regarding orders or bulk order price quotes, email

If you would like to write to Mayke Beckmann Briggs personally and privately, send your email to

On the Blog you can click on "subscribe" in the very lower left hand corner at the bottom of all the posts to get notified in your emails when a new post has been posted here.

You can personally comment on any post by clicking on "comments" to the lower right hand corner of each post. Your comments can then be read by other visitors to the Blog. Your email address is never seen by either us or the public, only the name you chose to post with.

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