Monday, May 14, 2007

Nikki's Story

Nikki is one of my favorite little girls in the world. She is smart and beautiful - the daughter of a Mom movie star turned PhD psychologist and Dad entrepreneur in the gourmet food business. Her life with her creative, innovative parents can be beyond confusing and stressful, if not downright - inspiring. Sometimes it is all too much, sometimes it is all too little, and most of the times it is just right. Nikki has a great life, yet there are days she is just not so sure about it. Those days can turn into long nights, and one night, out of a big bookshelf, she chose Here You Are for her 1am read.
It had such a calming effect on her, it stayed on Mom's night table for all those kind of nights. "Why am I here?" - "to love, of course" she told her surprised Mom. Her Mom ended up giving me great advice on how to go about publishing Here You Are - basically "full steam ahead". The red spine was her idea!


Anonymous said...

"full steam ahead" - the story of ellie? i read this, but in german language. sometimes i think, english is more important than bavarian, but these moments are not so often, i fear ;)

congratulations for the idea and the realization of Here You Are!

Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...
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Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

..and re-posted after spell checking.

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your congratulations.

I don't know "The Story of Ellie" but will try to find it.

"Full steam ahead" is an English expression that you tell yourself or a friend to give them courage. My friend detected my reluctance to publish a book but was so in love with the book that she wanted me to go ahead anyway. Sometimes I joke that she "gave me my spine", which is another expression that means she gave me strength. It is funny because she literally picked the red spine for the book.