Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here You Are...Wondering...Where Do I Come From...Branes Before The Big Bang

I love Branes - and these great BBC videos of them. 

As a child, whenever I had a high fever and was lying in bed almost unconsciously - just when I knew in my feverish head "one more step and I'm dead" - or, nowadays, when I meditate - I "experience" these branes, or maybe, what these physicists call, the 11th dimension. The floating into "each other" and around each other feels very, very strange and pleasurable in a hard to explain brain and upper spine related way - both vacuously nonresistant and "thick" at the same time.

I have wondered about them for many decades and tried to describe the experience to people over the years to see if anyone could relate. Now, all I have to do is show them these videos and encourage them to somehow identify with and "become" the branes they are watching.

"Who lives in the 11th dimension?"
We do! - whether we know it or not.

M Theory works for me in terms of finally explaining a familiar meditation experience - and the physicists make me chuckle when they look so serious and surprised - with just as much trouble trying to explain what they have discovered.

Before the Big Bang - Branes!
And before Branes?

It's a Koan with a definite answer beyond words or formulae.

It's where we came from. How? You'd have to go to the "God Dimension" to find out. That dimension is beyond thought, feeling, or experience - pure, crystal clear consciousness - and "there" it becomes obvious who we are, where we came from and where we'll go. Once physicists discover this dimension they will again ask "who lives in the God dimension?" and the answer will again be: "We do! Whether we know it or not." Much like people lived in the solar system in this galaxy long, long before they knew it.


FrenchyMcFrenchcake said...

I love this! I have this UNIVERSE Tivo-ed I think.. this inspires me to watch it finally. I have had similar experiences, very hard to describe with words. I have been thinking of you so great to see a post! Happy New Year! Jennifer

Mayke Beckmann Briggs said...

Hi Jennifer,
Happy New Years to you, too. Glad you liked the post. Enjoy the UNIVERSE :-) - Mayke