Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here You Are...Wondering...About Sunshine and Rain...The Day Before

Sunshine and Rain make Rainbows ! I will never forget this day. 

The next day my neighbor's healthy and vibrant mother, who was visiting from Hawaii, fell down the stairs carrying a laundry basket, and was paralyzed for life. The day before, the day this picture was taken, we had all been standing on our decks enjoying this beautiful rainbow for a long time - a kind of neighborhood meditation.  

Both my neighbor and her husband have cancer and are struggling through Chemo while faithfully visiting and taking care of her perfectly healthy, but paralyzed mother, at her nursing home. This accident moved the mother from Hawaii to California, and mother and daughter see each other far more than they would ever have seen each other otherwise during what maybe the last years of their being able to do so. Happiness and sadness weaving the rainbow of our existence.

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