Monday, March 22, 2010


Our son was telling us this story this weekend. The six-year-old of a friend of his asked his Dad whether squirrels had a God. "Of course", Dad replied, to which, after a thoughtful pause, his six-year-old replied with astonishment: "A godless God!".

"What do you mean, a godless God?" Dad asked. "Well - if God is God, then he can't have a God", answered his clever little son.

Quite an insight, and intellectual leap for a six-year-old, but now Dad was getting a little nervous about who in school was filling his son's head with ideas of God, and even more worrisome - concepts of Godlessness.

"What have you been talking about in school, honey, and how did you learn about Godlessness, sweetheart?" Dad carefully inquired. "Well, you know - the Song!" little six-year-old explained: "God Less America."

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