Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Almost Christmas...

Christmas is around the corner and sales of Here You Are are picking up nicely, especially on Amazon,  even though I have stopped all advertising for the time being. We may have hit the Tipping Point of Word Of Mouth Magic. Thank you all out there for your continued and increasing support and interest in Here You Are. The best thing this year was winning the Mom's Choice Award - such an honor and such a help for a new author. Thank You Jet Blue Airlines (for noticing Here You Are and inviting me to apply), and Thank You Mom's Choice Award Judges!

A new book is forming in my heart and mind and hopefully it will be out for next Christmas Season. Until then - keep Here You Are in mind for your loved ones, young and old alike. It never fails to warm the heart and put a smile on people's faces. Don't forget to write reviews on Amazon as well, or send me your thoughts. Stories of children's comments are the best, and I will continue to add them to the BoathouseBook Website.

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