Sunday, March 9, 2008

Moby Dick

This weekend I had to prepare 360 copies of Here You Are for mailing. I felt for the presidential candidates. So many states in these United States! All I had to do was sort the envelopes by postal zones, while they have to "cover" all those states with their visits and speeches.

It took me two days. I did the final envelopes last night watching Moby Dick - a very, very long movie! I thought of my oldest son who read MobyDick in Eighth Grade. Such a long time ago. He is the oldest of five, and last year he became a Dad himself.

The life of parents is exhausting, yet, if it is for you, there is nothing like it. It used to take me until 10:30pm every night to get them all to bed with their homework, projects, baths, stories, glasses of water, and discussions about life. For so many nights I found him upstairs in his bed with that heavy, gigantic book, patiently waiting for his turn to get tucked in.

Last night his littlest brother, now eight, insisted on watching Moby Dick after finding the movie on the movie play list. He even knew the Captain's name. Long before Captain Ahab (Patrick Stewart) was dead, and long before I had sealed my last envelope, my youngest sailor had fallen asleep all by himself.

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